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For sale : Electrical Cord/Extension Cord Lock-out Devices

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These are the BIG cord lockouts, not the wimpy little ones that are common. These can be used on large cords such as 10-, 8- and 6-guage cables, as well as the small ones. They measure 6" tall and 3¼" diameter and have 2 slotted lids to provide 3 choices to adapt to the cord size.

I have 8 of them available and am selling them for $9 each, plus shipping. Shipping will depend on how many you get and where you are.

These are new, but are not in any box or wrapper, so some may show slight signs of shelf wear.

Each device comes with a warning tag and a UV-resistant zip-tie as shown in the photo.

Many OSHA lockout/tagout kits don't have this part in them, so now's your chance to grab some at a great price. Required by OSHA for locking out unsafe cords and cord-supplied equipment.

PM me if you're interested.​
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