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Food-Safe Sealant

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I'm looking for a food-safe sealant.

My girlfriend made me a coffee mug for our handmade Christmas that we did and it needs to be sealed to keep the oil-based sharpie intact.

I also made a cutting board out of Corian at my solid surfaces class and would like to seal it just to keep it safe.

I saw a product called Pond Armor on the HD website at it's spinning the register reels at about $80 for 1.5 quarts.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Glaze & fire the mug.

Corian needs no sealant.
Corian is inert; it can't be sealed.
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Thanks for the replies. I just washed it and threw it on the counter.

Pictures of my handiwork.

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You're not going to be able to seal Sharpie writing onto a mug that will be used. If it will just sit on a shelf, it doesn't really need sealing either.

As far as the Corian, man, if you're taking a class, ya gotta pay attention! ;) The fact that it doesn't need sealing is one of the major selling points. And you are displaying the other major selling point right there in your handiwork. :) it can be worked (and repaired) with wood tools. Fabricators gotta know this stuff. It helps upsell the customer.
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