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Hi guys,

You know that when you use a PEO (payroll plus workers' compensation insurance service) you can get around the increase to your SUTA, right? As is the case with many states, in Florida you use the PEO's SUTA. So if the SUTA for your construction company is, say, 4.7%...then use a PEO. I mention this because I own an agency that represents only construction-friendly PEOs. That's all we do, nationwide, and we have been in business since 2002 with offices in Florida and California. We keep up with every relevant PEO SUTA, and right now we can get you a low SUTA. We also focus on your other headache: getting you discounted worker's comp. Good luck to everyone as we all pull together to get through this lackluster market. I'm in this to acquire more clients, and would appreciate a call if you think we can help. In most cases, we can do the paperwork by email and fax. We are thorough and professional.

Greg 813-541-3514 cell
garnold @ axisgroupllc . com
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