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I am a licensed Roofing/Home Improvement Contractor in both New York city and New Jersey.
I am looking to Relocate to south florida. ( just me, no existing crew )

I would like to team up with someone ( fully licensed )
(maybe someone on the verge of retirement but wants to maintain their licence )
( someone that has a license, but is not currently operating a bussiness ) ( or someone that feels that teaming up as a partner with another motivated guy may help both to thrive in a difficult market )
and that has their feet wet already in my feilds, to try to shave some time of the learning curve of entering a whole new market.

I have a 2006 diesel pickup Truck, mobile 14' Trailer/shop, all tools , lots of equiptment equiptment, and 20 years of experience. I operate fully licensed in my area, fully insured too.

I have lots of Family Living in south florida already, and have been pointed to several Bussiness contacts in the property management, and general construction industry.

please contact me if this is something that may interest you
[email protected]

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Florida CGC looking to qualify a business

Hello again, I am a new license holder who is looking to grow. I am motivated and have alot of experience in certain aspect of remodeling!!! My license is good to go without any existing business registered. thanks again, Lena
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