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Florida License ...??

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Do I need a state license or will a county license only be enough to build a couple homes in FL. Will be building the homes and selling myself.
Been doing so in KS and OK but we come to FL every winter...looking to stop taking winter time off and build here in FL.

Would not be able to take state exame until the Feb date...don't want to wait so long.

thanks for any info you all can give

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Some states offer a clause that if you build a home for yourself no lisence is required, but you have to live in it for a specified amount of time.

However, I'm sure you probibly know, alot of banks frown on this at closing

Dale, assuming that you are already a contractor, you should not have many problems and it all depends on where you want to build. Coastal codes are much different than inland codes.
After 4 hurricanes this is going to change soon as well.
You can get a county residential contractors license with the least hassle. Contact the builders assocn. nearest to where you want to build for all of the details.
Florida exemption

You may build 2 house's ayear as an Owner builder. That is you are building the home for yourself. You will still need licensed electricians, plumbers, hvac, septic and well professionals. YTour plans must be engineered by a Florida engineer but can usually be drawn by a drafting service. there are other ways to get plans that are rated for floridas tough requirements. Coastal areas are the worst of course. Depending upon the relationship you develop with the local bldg dept I was able last year to build 2 small additions and got the inspector to allow me the courtesy of doing my own elect and plumbing. They don't have to allow you that tho. A County lic can be aquired but if your going to go thru the testing process you might as well get State certified. I believe the state dept of professional regulation is where you'll find worthwile information about requirements.(think it Either test you take , you must purchase the books and take a class on how to test. The test are all open book. You have to be able to locate the answers in the book. thats the whole test. I plan to relocate to Polk county this Fewb and I will probably build a spec home. I will go after my lic this spring tho. It's actually a coveted thing to have in Florida with the stringent requirements upon the construction industry. Hope this is helpful.
Dale..You do need to be licensed...... They can come affter you years from now.
Tetor they are doing away with county licenses.
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