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ANY college accredited courses work toward taking off time from the experience.

If you have a 4 year college degree, of ANY type, as long as it is from an accredited college, then you only need one year of experience. Just take a picture of the degree or make a copy and include in the application. You will use option #2.

"One year experience as a foreman and not less than three years of credits from accredited college-level courses"

Let me know if you have more questions.
I know I'm replying to an old post but it's relevant to my question.

I'm working towards getting my license finally. (long process...)

I have a 4 year engineering degree, not civil or construction related, but 4 years from an accredited state university.

I'm working for a pool company now as a foreman, can I use option 1 for my application? 4 year degree Plus 1 year any experience?

Also, sound like you agree with my understand 1 year foreman plus 3 years any college should be sufficient (option 2)

Also, unrelated but maybe someone can chime in, in Florida a Residential and Commercial pool license are both listed as CPC, how does one distinguish those when looking?

Also, that year(s) of experience for a Commercial CPC is the same as Residential CPC when applying for a residential license correct?

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Regarding number 1 -
In the case of applicants for certification under the standard set forth in section 489.111(2)(c)1., F.S., the baccalaureate degrees in building construction, architecture, or engineering which are considered to be appropriate to the particular classification for which certification is sought shall be as follows:
(a) General, Building, and Residential Classifications: Civil Engineering; Building Construction; or Architecture.
(b) Sheet Metal; Class A and B Air Conditioning; Residential Solar Water Heating; Mechanical Classifications: Mechanical Engineering.
(c) Plumbing Classification: Mechanical Engineering or Sanitary Engineering.
(d) Commercial, Residential, and Servicing Pool Classifications: Building Construction or Civil Engineering.
(e) Underground Utility Classification: Building Construction; Civil or Mechanical Engineering.

as you will see, d governs the pool licenses and it would have to be Civil Engineering

Otherwise it is box 2 and the experience must be as a foreman.
You nailed exactly what I was asking here. Thanks.

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