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Floor or Wall tile First ?

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This is not a shower. Just a 6' x 6' bathroom - floor porcelain 6x6 border - with 12x12 offset in the field. Wainscot of 6x6 ceramic. No cove base.

Walls or floor first ? Why so ?
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I'm an idiot, I set ledger boards one tile up, minus the lowest spot so any other area around bottom will be cut. So I tile walls, set floor , and fill bottom tile down on top of floor. It takes more time, but I feel worth it. Then just time planning to make it efficient.
Ok, so sometimes I hot melt and thinset to lock bottom row in order to grout right after finish setting bottom row without any wait time. And all the "hackers" are faster.
Floor tile butted to wall tile always looks bad with the grout joint(hairline crack) due to movement. It let's you tuck that edge under the wall tile. Pain and I hate doing them when it's a bunch of bathrooms, just soaks up time.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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