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Floor or Wall tile First ?

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This is not a shower. Just a 6' x 6' bathroom - floor porcelain 6x6 border - with 12x12 offset in the field. Wainscot of 6x6 ceramic. No cove base.

Walls or floor first ? Why so ?
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I should have asked different maybe ?

Its really a detail question. Place the 6x6 border right up to the wall tile --- or leave a 1/4" grout line from the wall tile ? This wouldn't look too good ?

Or leave out the bottom row - then floor tile - bottom wall course on top of floor tile - up 1/8 for unsanded grout. The wall tile has tits. This seems the most prevalent way.

I'm sure I'll simulate some combinations before - but just wanted to see what you guys come up with ?
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I thinks thats the ticket Rock
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