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floating home

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I repaired a bathroom on a floating home. Never got paid, went to court, got a judgement. I waited 30 days to enforce the judgement. Now it is a floating home so no section block or lot, also since no motor, there is no registration. How do I collect?
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Let me clarify. The client did show up to court. I was told I have to try to collect for 30 days at which point the jusgement cannot be appealed. I am now told I need to give certified cop to sheriff(Nassau County NY). Now what, The floating home is for sale, asking 145k. All the pictures on the mls are of the work I did. Can I put claim on the floating home?Anyone ever face this? I tried to put mechanics lien on property but was told I had to do ikt in small claims which is where I won.
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A mechanics lien does not require going to all claims court. The judgement should be enforceable by presenting a copy to the Sheriffs Office and show up to collect or remove items of equivalent value. Your State will have different requirements. I did this route 1x with the Sheriff and requested the Harley on a $2000 judgement--Sheriff laughed, told the wife to get the keys so it could be sold at auction to satisfy the judgement. She tried to pay us with a check which we refused but we have her 10 minutes to get cash while the Sheriff held the Harley keys. We got paid.

I'd talk to County atty office and see if this an option. Otherwise call an Atty and ask how to collect. I don't know how you lien the property--no deed but it should have a title. If it has a title you should be able to become collateral on it like a car. Just an idea...
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Speak with an attorney familiar with liens.

Once attorneys are involved they are usually the only ones to make any money on the deal....:thumbsup:
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