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Flat Roof/Steel Deck/Insulation

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Is it a requirement to fill the flues on a steel deck or not? I Thought it was a given. haven't found any info that says yeah or ney..............

Case in point.... We're ripping a b.u.r. that has 1 1/2" in the flues(two layers of3/4")and 1 1/2" Iso on top of that. We found some wet and I made the comment that I didn't want to have to mess with the insul. in the flue that was stuck to the bottom of the 1 1/2" iso....So then this 25 yr. roof veteran says " f-it u dont need to fill the flues" Granted, he knows more than I about commercial flat roofing, but doesn't give a fudge about anything if its close to HAPPY HOUR, So am I wrong?? Is it just a quality thing? With 1 1/2" you'd have to fill in the flues. Its just that simple. Oh yah, he had missed an hour of happy hour when he said that.:furious:
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I have never seen the lower flutes filled in, always just rigid on top of the whole assembly
Rigid over the entire metal deck. You don't need to fill the fluting. The insulation must be 1 1/2" thick however or risk damage from foot traffic.

Good enough is never good enough, but in this case, he was right.
I've got 22 years on commercial flats and the only time I have ever filled the flutes was when it was spec'd and I was paid for it. It is no code that I know of.
Thanks......... Huh........When someone installs the steel deck upside down.................. Then you have to fill the flues to support the 1 1/2" ISO.......... He ran circles around me today..... F-ck.... When ya got it down ... 20'x100'sheets ....ya got it down........ (head hung low).. I'll make it up in when we fab and install the metal............ somewhat anyhow.....
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