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I've seen this posted here before, but I haven't been successful in finding it again.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good, educational, useful 14 hour CEU class in Florida?
Thanks in advance.
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I've used the last two times I've had to get my CE hours. What I like about Pace is that it's all videos that you watch at your own pace and then you answer the questions after each video section. You can start and stop as your time permits. It's usually $154 but if you put in this "Referral Code" PACE24748 and use FRIEND as the “Discount Code” during checkout you get all 14 hours for $99.
Good luck and keep us posted. :thumbup:
14 hrs?, i thought it was only 7 for the ceu's, i am signed up with camtech june 26th.
Good afternoon,

Just thought I would provide a bit of insight to the 14 hour vs 7 hour question as well as the course information.

Contractors need to complete 14 hours board-approved continuing education every 2 years by 8/31 of an even numbered year. This means that the contractor will have until 8/31/2014 to get this done and pay the renewal fee.

Note that if a contractor will only have been licensed for one full year and one partial year at the 8/31/14 renewal date (from the date of issuance), they are responsible for 7 CEUs at that time. If they have only been licensed for a partial year, no CEUs will be required.
*This does not necessarily apply to contractors who grandfathered their license.

In regards to continuing education, there's really no one 'best' option. It really depends on personal preference. Some people would prefer to take the classes intermittently, in their own homes or offices. These can be done with options such as:
AAA Construction School: http://storefront.aaaconstructionsc...ce.cgi?preadd=action&key=COURSE__0609512-ONLI
Gold Coast:
Red Vector:
(I am in now way endorsing any of these, just listing options)

Otherwise, if the contractor would prefer taking a weekend or a couple of days during the week and attending a course, there are some options to consider.
Here are all of the CEU providers and their course information:

I would recommend creating an account with the state to be able to log in, see the classes you still need, pay your renewal fee and even update basic information.

Good luck in 2014!
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Thanks for the clarification Lisa. :thumbsup:
lisa thanks for the input and info, your help and input to this forum is much welcomed, just finished 14 hrs this week end, camtech school class in tampa, worth the money spent, plus it came with lunch!!.
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