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first try at countertops

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all of mine were poured in my driveway:w00t:

first one was a trial and the wife liked it.
she wanted to get rid of this rolling maple cabinet. I said i'll make it match.
well she loved them. who couldn't she was using osb.:whistling
I poured it right side up. used metal grid. recessed the bottom so it didn't stand to high.

second one fit between the frig and oven. it had metal mesh also and poured right side up. I used a curved form edge for this one.

third one was difficult. I poured this one top side down. i wanted to have a drain board.

I poured it as a one piece with metal mesh and re bar. I decided to cut it once it was complete.

I used buddy rhodes sealer and wax.
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45 views 11days and no comments. no wonder i forget about this place until i'm real bored.:thumbsup:
We usually only comment when something is done incorrectly. Take that as a compliment. Those pics are a little small, making it hard to see. Post some bigger ones if you could please.
Looks beautiful. I'm glad it came out for you.

0.19 posts per day is indicative of your contribution to the CT site.
They look real good to me. Give me a heads up when you do another and I'd like to come and watch. We can talk tdi's as well.
Thanks. will do.

Click the pictures they get bigger
Yeah, they look good. Now you can do a large island or penninsula. Your clover in your yard was as bad as mine this year.

Best part is you made your wife happy. That must be priceless.
Looks great. I picked up a few diamond sponges to get into the corners where the polisher couldn't reach for mine. They are helpful for contoured edges, easing 90 degree edges and to get into the plate drain lines and other tough areas.
Looks pretty good. You can also use regular sand paper to get the inside corners.

The variation looks off a bit, unless that was planned. What type of grinding method did you use?
first time i did them so. i did one week then the other a few weeks later then did the sink top. i poured the first two small ones with them right side up. the last one i poured it up side down. i had to (i think) pour it upside down because i wanted to use the drain board mold. i put the aquarium gravel down first then poured my concrete in. it pushed the gravel away as it was poured. glad i learned that one on my top.

i bought a small wet grinder with pads on ebay

the wife was happy and liked the i did it myself look. un sanded corners.;) basically wanted her kitchen back.
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Looks great. Have no experience in pouring counter tops. Kinda would like to know how to for my own knowledge. How do ya get the stone aggregate to "pop" like that?
I was gonna ask about the drainboard, guess it's a mold....

Looks good:thumbsup:
Your bullnose looks good for a 1st timer thats for sure. What did you use for a form? Or did you buy some edging?
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