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First Kitchen Remodel - Oklahoma City

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Here's a kitchen remodel we started two weeks ago. This is my first remodel job as my own company, I've worked for the same company for over 6 years and just started to branch out on my own. Tell me what you think. By the way I'm only 25, so go easy.

Raised the ceilings from 7' to 10'
Just finished building the cabinets on Sunday and installed them today
Were two weeks into the job, plan to finish in a week and a half

From this

To This

Check out my work at
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If you've been doing this work for six years the trade itself should not be your concern. Worry about the management functions of personel supervision, accounting and marketing.

Work looks good!
No bad "rookie" looks good
BTW you do not know how long I have been waiting to say that now I feel like I can be a solid contractor lmao
Looks good there guy, I wish I was working at kitchen remodels at your age instead of what I was up to, it sure was fun but didn't get me nowhere.
Pretty impressive no matter the age.:thumbsup:

Why is there no hardware on the cabinets?
We're waiting to install the guides until after they're painted. I got full extension soft close guides that cost around $20 a pair and I'm not trying to have a lazy painter get paint on them and ruin them.
It's looking good. What are your plans for doors? counters? backsplash? finish?

Did you design on your own, or are you building to someone else's layout?
Doors are ordered, tulip-raised panel, ogee outside, 1/2 overlay, soft-close hinges.

3cm granite with 4" tumble travertine backsplash

The cabinets are going creme with a dark glaze.

We were limited on layout and space, so we stuck close to the original layout, just added a little dimension. I was given a few pictures and told to make it look good. No drawings, just figured it as I built.
A few more trim pieces installed, crown, and primed.

and I absolutely hate painting!!!:censored:
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Looking good jcs:thumbup: Keep us posted!

it is looking good!

I'm curious how you raised the ceiling by two (or three feet if one of those was due to the soffit)
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Curious about the step in the crown on that corner cabinet in the second photo.

Is there a reason you didn't keep the side panel in plane with the outside corner?

It's coming together nicely.
Looks pretty good. If you want to do some trim work and travel to Enid, shoot me a PM with your rates. I do not have a trim guy for my next two custom homes and I know how tough it is to get started.
Keep us posted. Looks like you have the makings of a winner. :thumbsup:
A few updated pictures of the kitchen. Hope to be done by Saturday, just hanging some more drawers, glazing and all the doors. Total time was 4 weeks with two and half guys (I have a friend that helps that is more for comic relief than working).

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Curious about the step in the crown on that corner cabinet in the second photo.

Is there a reason you didn't keep the side panel in plane with the outside corner?
I forgot to add 3/4 to my stile to make the paneled end flush, It worked out great though, although the crown around it was a pain to cut!
Looks pretty good!! Just think what you'll be able to do when you hit the age of us old guys (40)!!:thumbsup:
Nice looking work.

Here's an architectural consideration for the future - when you look at the rail and crown on the cabinets, now look at the crown on the ceiling.

Lately, we have been installing upside down baseboard as a freize, behind the crown.

This would then match the cabinet look. Been getting a lot of requests for this lately. Maybe people are just tired of the old crown look only?

But all in all, your work looks good. :thumbsup:
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