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fireproofing penetrations

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On a large commercial job. There is a spec for the penetrations that requires a rigid conduit sleeve with a 1/4 gap around elec conduit being sleeved, rockwool, and fire caulk.

I am wondering why the sleeve. This is for penetrations in sheetrock or masonry rated walls. It seems to me there is just a bigger hole made by sleeving, even if it does allow for rock wool.

Hoping someone can shed a little light on this.
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all firewall penetrations require a listed , tested assembly. they have been tested by underwriters lab or other testing agencies as an assembly and must be duplicated as tested.the project designer specs out a specific listed assembly and you have to use it or have the designer find another assembly more to your liking and resubmit it for approval by the ahj!
Thanks for the replys. Good to know about the spray from the other thread steves. Guess I'll find out some more at the job.

The whole engineered fire stop system I get, just seems counterintuitive to me that I have to make a hole at a minimum twice as big to put in a sleeve, that on the O.D. is not any differently handled than the conduit would be. I imagine there is a reason it is needed and I am hoping someone can explain.

Have looked at the hilti site, but did not take the time to register yet and go thru the tutorial. I did not figure it would give as much why information as it would how. But I guess I will not know until I look!
Around here a Hilti rep will come to the job, show the products and train/certify anyone who listens, all for free or at least on the hope of sales.
Google your local rep and see what he has to offer. If nothing else you can shake him down for all the free swag in his van!!
Funny you say that, I was already thinking about talking to the rep for the hilti gun cert. might be able to get some good info
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