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fire place quote enquiry

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Hi all, Can any body tell me what a reasonable quote would be for labor and material cost to install the 3' x 6' footing, 4'ft. 8" cmu foundation, hearth slab and brick hearth, herring bone fire box and a 12' ft, 2' x 1'-8" brick chimney, tiles 12" x 16", for a Rumford fireplace? The brick fireplace will be about 2' x 5' with a 3'ft. opening.

I am just curious what the differences in costs are across the nation. I am in the South East and have about $5600 figured. It would be more expensive up north I believe and probably less towards the West. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Fire birck are about $1.50 and regular face brick between 0.30 and 0.40 cents. The flue are $50.00 each, 8" Block 1.20. I figured I'll use 1200 face brick and 90 firebrick.

Thanks. :thumbsup:
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