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IBC 2006 (My 09 is at home) 1014.3 Common Path of Egress Travel

"In occupancies other than groups H 1-3, the common path of egress travel shall not exceed 75 feet."

Exception #1: if the buidling is sprinkled it bumps up to 100'

Section 1016 Exit Access Travel Distance
Exits shall be so located on each story such that the maximum lenght of exit access travel, measured from the most remote point within a story to the enterance to an exit along the natural and unobstructed path of egree travel, shall not exceed the distance given in table 1016.1

Table 1016.1 for Factory (F-1) is 250 feet, F-2 is 400 feet

I hope this helps.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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