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fire damage: sodablasting Vs Glass and Primer

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I am working on a fire damage property and I am sub contracting the soot removal and cleaning of charred rafters to a restoration company.
I was offered two possibilities: both applications include the use fogging and ozone machines but for blasting the first offer uses soda blasting,while the other will use crushed glass blasting and application of sealant (kilz2). I will do the demolition of the plaster, replace the new floors and eventually apply the primer/sealant.
what do you think? soda or glass+primer. Is the primer application even necessary the contractor says that glass works very fast and is cheaper.
Thanks Joe
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I've done both on burned
Soda does kill the smell but does not completely take it away
Glass works well if it's really deep, it will clean it fast, but windows need to be plastic or taped
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