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finishing someone elses work

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sitdwnandhngon's job from hell thread somehow reminded me of this one...

So a couple years ago i was going through a slow period and actually placed a craigslist ad. This guy calls me, saying he's half-way through building a stone wall and would like some help to finish it. He's coming to the curved part of the wall, which is also the highest section....he wants every stone to be cut with a radius and is having trouble finding someone with the right skill.

I tell him to bring me a couple stones and tell me how he wants them cut. I cut one with a saw--then rock face it with my hand-set. Another I faced with my torch. I cut a third by hand--working my tracer across it till it snaps along the prescribed radius. I get the job.

And build it his way. Each and every stone is set level. Using an 8" level on *most* of them. He wanted them all 100 percent. Ha. Ha. And glued down. His wall was about 10" thick....atop a gravel foundation...parged on the back side. I let him do the cement part--and told him I could NOT promise the work would not fail--he should let me either build it dry, or build it on a proper concrete foundation....well, I built it his way, finishing what he had started, to his specifications.

I matched his style on the half that he had already done. He was happy with the result.

I did not have to resort to using any of the techniques that I had showed him...wall didn't need to have every single stone cut with a rounded face--and if I need to round a stone, I generally do not need to saw cut it....
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Finishing up a DIYer's work is never much fun.
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