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I'm working on finishing a gazebo I've been working on and am looking for advice on two items...

First, my client has asked that the gazebo be screened in (this was not originally the plan :rolleyes:). Dealing with the lower portion of the gazebo (where the railing is) is easy. However, I"m not sure how best to approach the portion above the railing. The openings that need to be screened in measure 7.5'L x 4'H. These seem pretty large to me. Does anyone have any tips on how to screen a large area like this? I'm guessing a vertical center divider will be required to reduce the screen size. This is my first time screening something in so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, I'm looking for tips on how to cap the peak of the gazebo which is roofed with asphalt shingles. The client wants something simple, preferably not copper or brass since that wouldn't match the rest of the gazebo. I've considered making a cap using Azek or something similar but that seems like a lot of work -it probably makes more sense to buy something. Any suggestions?
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