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Finish doorway opening Drywall to Plaster

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I am looking for some assistance on how best to finish this doorway. The doorway and adjacent room is plaster, the room we are finishing is drywall. The original plaster corner bead has been left in place and plaster has been removed from it.

Any suggestions on how best to finish this area around the doorway would be much appreciated.



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Apply with trim tex spray adhesive. they also have fast caps but they only come in 5'' widths.


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Thanks Blacktop - The existing corner bead is still in place. My thought was to keep the existing corner bead and possibly slide the new drywall behind. Skim coat over with Durabond or something that will help to minimize cracking.

Otherwise - as you suggest (if I understand correctly). Cut out the existing corner bead and refinish with new corner bead and skim coat over the existing plaster in the doorway?
Your way sounds good to me. Less work too.
Just stop the drywall at edge of mesh, screw it off every 4-6'' and use durabond to fill in. Brushing bonder to the mesh/plaster will help with adhesion.
If your going to slip drywall behind it you may need to use 3/8" drywall. 1/2" may not fit under the mesh.
It looks like a rock lathe plaster house and usually rock lathe is 3/8" thick.
If thats the case what Big Shoe said is the way to go.
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