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Finish Carpentry challange anyone?

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Ok, we all know I'm a lowly tile guy. Business is in the crapper and all of that. Needless to say I do on occasion have to butcher some wood.

News flash!!!

I got roped into working with our local high school drama dept. I am building the set for ths years play. (Free and company mentioned in playbill)

Here is the bad news. I was asked to create a rolling cart as a costume. It will be for the role of "Chip" in Beauty and the Beast.

Here is the general idea. 20" x 24" rolling tile cart as the base. Enclose to allow for the player to sit inside and have head sticking through center. this must be off set of course. Player will have a bench seat and feet will fit through the cart for propulsion.

This must look like a Tea Cart.

Anywho, I told the drama teacher that I would consult the finest carpenters in the world to attempt to get a plan for this build. I'm counting on you guys. Throw your designs my way and i'll use the best, simplest one. I'll even throw in 2 free tickets to the show in Febuary. (Less air fare of course.)
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OK. I'll bite, kinda sorta.

How about a 4' x 4' 2x4 platform with whatever as a floor. Cut a small offset hole in it for the feet to move it....Kinda like Fred Flinstone's car.

The tea cup will be the hard part....Maybe something in a paper mache that will go down over the student. I recommend that size be taken into consideration for casting.

Problem with stuff like this is, who inherits the project when you done with it. You take the time and materials to fashion something out of wood, azek or whatever and it will only get smashed or tossed out because no one wants to store it.
I agree that tea cup shape is gonna be tough. Two years ago, I was asked to build a lighted carriage for the play Cinderella. I had the schools art department draw the sillouhette of the carriage on 2 sheets of plywood. I then drilled holes to allow christmas lights to fit. Used over 300 lights. had to have a brace in the back to stabilize it. Remember that in theater, it only matters what it looks like viewed from the front and sides. Probably could have the back of the teacup hollow to allow the actor to slide in and out easily.
This must look like a Tea Cart.
I don't think he said a tea cup...
But then, I don't know what a tea cart is either.:rolleyes:
it could be just a plywood box with words "tea cart" on it. who's going to be the wiser?
Thanks to Woodbutcher and Warren, The cart is the focus. The cup is being done with headgear that looks like a cup.

The piece will be dismantled when the play is over so storage isn't a problem, i'll be getting my tile cart back tyvm!

I intend to post pictures of this set as soon as I get the chance. I have the castle itself built now working on the props.

I should also note that my wife is working on this with me and to be honest it has been a blast working with her and being creative with something other than residential housing.
i opt for the one with a plate of pastries drawn in below the kid's happy face. looks more authentic.
Thanks TBF thats the kinda thing i've been looking for. I'm afraid that intricate scroll work is going to be a bit much for my budget though.
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