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finish base into tub with tile?

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I'm curious how others terminate baseboard (wood) in a bathroom against the tub (traditional cast iron - no skirt) when there is a tile border running down against the tub?

I usually return it on itself right at the tile line, but recently had a general complain that I was taking the 'easy way out'. He wanted me to rabbit the backside around the tile to bring the base to the tub.

Just looking to see what others do.
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He wanted me to rabbit the backside around the tile to bring the base to the tub.
To me, thats just wrong. I think, if the tile is in place, you should terminate it there. I know there can be some issues of thickness differences between the tile and base, but with a little creative milling and such, it can work.

Obviously the best would be to have the tile terminate to the top of the base, but unless they're willing to do that, i think it should be as you have said you do now.:thumbsup:
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If you bring the base to the tub, you'll have problems with the base rotting at the end, and if it's mdf it's gonna look like hell real quick!
I normally terminate at the tile, but I would also do it whatever way the check-writer wanted.
We are re-doing a master bath now and I am thinking of doing a tile baseboard. Seems like the best of both worlds. I have seen many times that the wood base near the tub/shower, always gets funky in a hurry.
Another vote for not bringing the wood base all the way to the tub. I do remodeling only and anytime there is wood base against the tub it looks horrible because of water damage.

If I have to do wood baseboard I almost always terminate it at tile line with return. Less troubles in the future for home owner in my opinion.
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I just did a bath and was gonna do wood base. Talked the HO into tile base and had the tile guy do it up. Best way to go i think.
Rabbet the base over the tile? Odd. It could be job security if you don't mind replacing 2 pieces of base every 6 months.
I never run base into a tub , COMMON SENSE says not to, but then SENSE is not so COMMON anymore!
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