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Here is the problem with marketing as a contractor, many customers know that there are many people looking for work. Anyone from your Chuck in a truck to your multimillion dollar business such as Sears. The thing is each has different way that the are able to market. A huge company typically has a whole marketing team that they can pay a salary, whether a job is booked or not. Whereas a smaller operation has to do the work while finding the work.
Well here is a quick solution; find people who are ready to buy! Instead of going and finding people looking for estimates find people who are pulling credit for home improvement jobs. Where you can give them a quick call and undercut the big boys. Website like sells leads of people who are specifically interested in construction related home improvements. These lists are compiled of people who have pulled credit for home improvement loans and typically have the cash flow in hand. Or at least the true desire of a purchase.
Here is where it gets complicated. You have to be quick and persuasive with these people. They typically have the contractor in mind and are about to sign the contract for the work or start the work. So you should have a good script, practised and perfected, ready that you can use to make each of these calls . Do yourself a favor stop bidding on "not interested" people and find some commited people.
Walmart doesn't have to worry about just looking people, so why should we!
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