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So lets say that you have a plumbing business. You want to know what keywords people are searching who may need a plumber.

Here is a pretty easy method to find out what keywords people are searching for that you may be able to target to get new customers.

Fist use google's own tool to find out search volumes.

Go to google and type in "adwords keyword tool". Click the link. Then go to the upper right corner and click on previous interface. I would post the link but my post count is not high enough.

Enter in a few keyword phrases that you think people would type when looking for a plumber for example: "plumber Akron OH" "Akron plumbing" .. you get the point.

The box below will return search results for these phrases as well as related ones. That's it!

Also in the upper right corner above search results there is a drop down box that says "match type". Quick explanation of the 2 main match types you need to know.

Broad = how many times those words are used in a search. ( could be used in conjunction with other words as well)

Exact = how many times that exact phrase with only those words is searched.

Hope this helps!

EDIT by Moderator-Here's the link provided by listedlocal
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