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No because I am a service magic contractor so if I log in and try to find a sub, their bid request clearly says "subcontractor". I don't know if you are a service magic contractor, but if not just put the words subcontractor in the job description and only people intrested in being subs will accept the bid. You can also try and

If that doesn't work I'd place a help wanted add in the newspaper.
Painting Sub-Contractor Needed"

Third thing would be to open a telephone book and call all the people listed under painter but don't have an add. I mean the one liners who get their number put in the book for free becuase they have a phone line in a company name. Those are usually smaller companies. When I need to hire a contractor to do some work for me, before service magic came to my attention, I would call the one liners. They were always small companies and 90% of the time suprised as hell someone was calling from the yellow pages.

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We have a store in downtown Anchorage, so usually they come to us, and if we have a use for em, then we will try em out on some jobs.
Or sometimes, helpers from other contractors, will break out and be ready for their own stuff. We get em that way too.
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