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Finding an apprentice/helper position

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Anyone have suggestions on the best way to go about looking for a job in the electrical field? My experience is mostly a range of independent remodeling work, some time working for a total hack GC, and working for a small carpentry shop.

I have done a fair bit of residential electrical in Chicago (I know - this is totally frowned upon), and studied the NEC when I have free time.

Last year I moved to Bloomington IN. I looked into a community college here that offers electrical course programs but between paying tuition and taking time out of my schedule, I probably wont be able to afford to live.

The AHJ here for electrical licensing/permitting is Monroe county and they use NEC 2008 with Indiana amendments.

Anyway, I would really love to work toward a job as an electrician. I know as an apprentice, the pay will suck and it will most likely take a long while before I can legitimately call myself any kind of electrician.
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What's the law say about apprentices in Indiana? In California the rule is essentially that electrical work has to be done by the contractor or by someone in a real apprenticeship program, so there's a healthy demand for apprentices.

I'd sure emphasize that you're interested in being an apprentice, not just a helper, or you could find yourself carrying spools of cable around for the next 5 years. An apprenticeship program has dates and targets.

Good luck.
He can work under the supervision of a licensed electrician. The electrician signing for the permit is responsible for the work preformed.

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