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I steered customers who wanted financing to a local bank I had a good relationship with. The bank was more than happy to work with me and always just wrote the customer and me a joint check which I had the customer sign at the end of the job. I never had any problems doing this.
I also had a FHA Loan company in Oklahoma (Arkansas has screwy finance laws so I was easier to go out of state) that would do financing for me. They were quite a bit stricter than the bank. I had to get a ton of paper work signed if I used them. I only used them a few times.
I was also an authorized contractor for the local Sears Catalogue Store and there were times I've run credit jobs through them. They really cut into my profit.
When you go to the job, show the customer everything they had to sign at the end of the job and point blank ask them if there is any reason they can't sign them if the job is completed to the contract specifications.
I never had any problems whatsoever.
One time a customer came home at noon and I told them we'd be finished at 5 and needed him to sign the forms as he'd promised.
Five O'clock rolled around and no customer in sight. I went to eat, came back and still no customer. That made me mad so I sent all the guys home and decided I'd wait him out. He came home at 2:00, so drunk he couldn't walk and guess who was sitting in his drive? He told me to come back in the morning so he could inspect the job first. I reminded him of our agreement and if he'd come home at 5 I would be home and he'd be happy. He signed off. Sometimes you have to be a little intimidating.
Only problem is my wife was convinced I just stayed out late and the shtf when I got home. This was before the days of cell phones.
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