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Fence on Top of retaining wall

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Do I need to do anything different when building part of the fence on top of a retain wall to ensure i don't damage the wall?

Its gonna be a picket fence roughly 3.5 feet tall

Here is a picture


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Yeah, probably don't do it. You are talking about attaching to the wall, right? Or are you talking about placing the fence up hill of the wall?
NOT Attaching it to the wall, probably a foot or two back
Make sure you are clear of the drainage behind the wall. If it was a solid, taller fence, I'd probably recommend going deeper then normal with your post, as that may be partially fill behind the wall.
Your work is going to depend upon the retaining wall construction. Be sure to word your contract accordingly.

If that wall moves...your fence moves.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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