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Feedback on Logo

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just looking for some constructive critisim on my logo, good, bad ugly? Don't hold back...

Thanks, Mark


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Interesting...Kinda looks like an ink blot test...but not in a bad way. :whistling
looks like a paw.

Tighten spacing on the M & M.

On second thought, you should make it look like you painted the logo on a wall, and then have the last few letters blasted off clean. Call a logo designer, anyone worth a crap would love to be able to work with you. Your company is goldmine for cool ideas.
Thanks...No such thing as a "bad" idea or suggestion....We will learn more from each other than anyone else...:eek:
Follow the bouncing ball
I don't think it's bad. Personally I would like it "tightened up". If you picture it on a lawn sign you'd have a lot of empty space around the sides. But art is in the eye of the beholder!
I think of M&M candy for some reason..
i would try again maybe with a different logo designer...sometimes you run into a wall with the current guy and have to move on...thats what i did and lost a $500 credit with him that was just not worth it to me to have a long lasting impression with people...
It's too busy. Does it have anything to do with your company? M & M ? Blasting? If not, I wouldn't use it.

Just make up a nuther design in it's place.
I don't really care for the balls, I'm too busy trying to figure out what they are then reading the rest.
I think Multi-Media could be confusing for the lay-person.
The M & M are too spaced out.

Try this site I did it and got back 77 entries. When someone submits an entry you can say what you do/do not like about it. I gave the contest info to all my friends/family and they picked what they liked.
Agree that the M&M does look very similar to the candy brand, purhaps change the font and also agree on tighening it up. I do like the logo design.

Thanks to ALL for the feedback.All points well received...Keep you all posted......

M&M Media Blasting

Keep It Simple Stuipid

Was taught this in the service and has always worked!
Somthing to work with.


1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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