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Fast? Removal of gluedown wood floor - concrete

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Was dreading this day. Knew it would come sooner or later - it's been later... thankfully

Have 260 sqft of 3/8 + engineered wood flooring to tear off concrete. It's a kitchen with pantry, dining and laundry. Did work in the house already, upstairs bath and wallpaper tear off in this kitchen. :rolleyes: Was very impressed with how solid the flooring was, even commented on the poor SOB who'd have to take it up someday. Guess I'm that summ b*tch :whistling And nothing in this house has gone 'easy'.

The closest I've come to tear up like this, is a wood floor I installed about 6 years ago. Was supplied a water based adhesive and told it was the "right stuff" over and over. Had to tear up a good 100 sqft after it cupped over night. Stuck good too. Averaged about 5-6 minutes a sqft to remove and get the glue up. Prybars and scrape the glue. That' be 24 man hours on this kitchen and more blisters than I have skin for.

Looked around the interweb - What would really work to get this done in less than a day with two guys?

Another question - floor prep, glue removal, required for a thin set application. Talk of travertine to replace the wood floor. Never have really run into this situation and like to know what's what with thinset and "residual" adhesives on concrete.

Appreciate y'alls thoughts!
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Crosscut rows 1 foot wide with flexblade (rental)


chipping hammer
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That will work good :clap: Thanks!

Considering buying, that looks like one badass tool.
The kango flexblades work good on tile too?
What kind of life do you get from a blade?
If it's tight you could lay a membrane then tile. Is that not an option?
A membrane like red guard?

Schluter or similar would still require thinset?

The cost of schluter ditra + install vs grinding the flooring adhesive off to concrete. 5-7 C notes is a lot of sanding-grinding time.

My concern is with the thin set and residual urethane based flooring adhesive not maintaining a bond over time. I see the possibility of failure, but have no experience to even base a guess on.

What's normally spec'd here for a retail store retro fit-up; wood floor to stone/tile as far as floor prep?
I got one for Vct tile and have tore out thousands of square ft with it and still like new. Have never done wood or tile removal yet.. But the blade is very strong. On one job the shaft got so hot that it melted the tool box I set it after I set it down. Got a nice fing grove on my Hilti box.

Cl some times has them along with a chipper. The first one I paid almost three hundred for it. The second one I got for $20 from a pawn shop. You also need a good size chipper. Bigger the better. Should be able to rent them
Texas Wax said:
That will work good :clap: Thanks!

Considering buying, that looks like one badass tool.
The kango flexblades work good on tile too?
What kind of life do you get from a blade?
Yup VCT works excellent, removed 3 layers, that's when one cracked. I paid 250 used for two each and traveled 80 miles for one and 150 miles for another, they were 450 each of em then my brother got one for 20 at yard sale.
Originally bought it for thinset, works good but dusty. Then had a wood removal so why not try it, worked great also , a little slow but I didn't cut rows, kinda pried it going along side length of plank. Maybe coulda saved time, I was just happy it was doing what it was doing.
Saw some Home Depots rent them, put in in cold bucket of water every 10 minutes or so, I put red loctite and bolts still loosened, that was before I saw the water idea.
Gary & Mike

Thanks for the info. Definitely going to get one, regularly pass 2-3 Pawn shops. Found this Floor scraper for 179.

:mad: When is thinset demo not dusty? :laughing:
I know someone who bought that one, the blades are specific and you will need to reorder from them.
It's not dusty when you grind "dust free"
Pawn shops see me regularly, there's always something I may find or didn't know I needed. They can be more than retail , I haven't asked them why. Try to sell them something and they'll give you 10-20% of new.
Yard sales can make a good find, Craigslist, E-bay, auctions. Timing and the other guy that wants it get in my way.
Rent power floor scraper... 2 min and you done :thumbsup:

Takes a lot of air, but saves your back and knuckles:thumbsup:
Power -electric. Floor scraper. - Blade

Which one? I'm game on options
greg24k said:
Rent power floor scraper... 2 min and you done :thumbsup:
That looks like the harbor freight model.
I've got an edco but my dual tank compressor wasn't optimum enough so now I'm looking for a quality 10 cfm compressor, electric.

I still think most efficient small area @ 300 ft is the electric demo with flex blade. Larger areas with urethane we've hired ride on scraper professional Tony Yokohomis, no cutting just different blade attachments made from his machine shop. 1000ft in 3 hrs. On terminator, can't fit everywhere.
TimelessQuality said:
Takes a lot of air, but saves your back and knuckles:thumbsup:
For just the glue, I've had the best luck with a carbide toothed head on a regular sander/ maintainer.
The Pearl Hexpin, or the Scrape-A-Way? I haven't used the scrape away but if glue is sticky/gummy I don't think they work too well.
It's a scrape-away... I've just rented it.

It runs slow enough that it didn't seem to 'melt' the glue, and kinda rolls off the old glue

Also, for the pogo stick, if you need more air, you could piggyback a couple of smaller compressors
Nice info about scrapeaway.
The compressor idea did cross my mind, I had the wheel barrel Rolair and an emglo hm4? But the smaller one I didn't think was enough, I sold the Rolair cause I didn't like the continuous run, noise, starting but haven't replaced it in over a year. Just waiting on the deal to bite.
Call your rental place and see what they have. The one I rented was on wheels. I'm not at home to get the name brand but you can google it or get your rental place online and they should have a list of items they rent.
If you use it indoor get electric unless you immune to carbon monoxide.
Power -electric. Floor scraper. - Blade Which one? I'm game on options
I gave up on my rental center about 4 years ago, Taylor rental is their name, franchise ?. Sunbelt pulled out of lowes, and the county Home Depot doesn't have a rental center, But we do have 4 Walmarts for all the crap you could ever stuff in or out of your home. I got the toughest self propelled scraper available and I don't think it would work for most wood removal , works great on gluedown oops edit Carpet and adhesive.
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