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In business, you have to be honest with yourself. For us, that meant reviewing the tools and equipment we own, and comparing it to what we need. Turns out, we have enough tools & equipment for a company about 2x our size!

So, we're working thru the slow process of consolidating our tools, and selling whatever we don't need.

Without further ado, here's the first item on the chopping block:

This is a 2006 Chevy 2500HD truck that we purchased new in the Fall of 2006. It was our first new vehicle in the company, and proved to be a solid purchase.

The basic facts:
• Regular Cab
• Work Truck
• 6.0 V8
• 5 Speed
• 4x4
• 42,xxx miles
• Still under an extended Chevy warranty

• Ladder rack is included
• Tool box is included
• CB Radio is included
• Brake controller is included
• Revolving light is included
• The tires on it are slightly bigger than stock- and have plenty of tread left.
• Unless purchased as well, the plow mount, spreader mount, and related wiring/controllers will be removed. (Stay tuned for those listings).

It’s in the dealership right now (where it’s been serviced since purchase) to get an inspection, oil change, and replace a few items under warranty (2-3 speakers stopped working, and the A/C blower was not working properly).
There is some evidence of wear & use (stains on the seats, a few small dents/scratches, etc.). However, I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere!

KBB lists this truck as $14,500 in “good” and $13,500 in “fair” without the “extras” listed above in the notes.
We’d like to get over $14k… but I’ll entertain any offer (‘cept “tree-fiddy”).

Also, I’d be glad to make it available locally for a test drive or inspection at a local mechanic of your choice, just let me know.

This truck has served us well- and rather than keep sitting, I’d like to see it start making someone else some money.

Thanks guys!


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Thats a good price on that truck, what makes are the plow/spreader? I take it the extended warranty is transferable? I will run this by a friend to see if he is interested.

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When we got into plowing we learned a few lessons with some older equipment... then I spent a lot of time focusing on not only how to plow efficiently and how to price- but what kind of equipment to buy.

I know it's a heavily debated topic, but we decided to go with Blizzard for plows, and SnowEx for the spreaders. I'd have to look up the spreader model, but it's the bigger swing-away model. For this truck we have it as a hitch-mounted beast, because we would frequently use the truck for more than just plowing in the winters- and it worked best for us.

For the plow, we've got 2 860's (8.5' fixed blades) and 1 810 (8' with extendable wings). I'd be willing to part with an 860... but I'm not ready to give up the 810 yet.
The blizzard plows have a heavy frame thaat is so strong, we've jacked a full sized diesel truck off the ground bracing off of the plow cross member. Also, when you disconect, the mount left on the truck is minimul, so it not only looks clean- it's a bit safer as well.

I'll be posting the plow & spreader info shortly- but I'd say your choice of 860 and the spreader (inc. all mounts, controls, etc.) is worth $3k.

Thanks for the questions!
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