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F/S: 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport

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In business, you have to be honest with yourself. For us, that meant reviewing the tools and equipment we own, and comparing it to what we need. Turns out, we have enough tools & equipment for a company about 2x our size!

So, we're working thru the slow process of consolidating our tools, and selling whatever we don't need.

Without further ado, here's the next item on the chopping block:

This is a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport that we purchased used in the Fall of 2008.

Honestly, we purchased this as a run-around vehicle for our assistant, and for our guys as needed. Well, it’s been used, but rarely. Unfortunately, since I didn’t purchase this new- and I haven’t personally been driving this every day, I don’t know as much about it as some of our other vehicles. I will list everything I know about the vehicle- but I would strongly encourage any interested parties to stop by to take a look at it… it is a used vehicle!

The basic facts:
• 4 Door
• Sport Model
• 4.0 I6
• Automatic
• 4x4
• 162,7xx miles
• Power windows, doors, tilt, CD
• No warranty

• Hitch is included.
• We had the rear springs rebuilt- just in case we used this for hauling (which we never ended up needing it for).
• The paint looks good from a distance, but up close you can see some small rust spots on the roof.
• The tires are fair, but not amazing- if we kept it, they’d be bigger! 
• The heater core should be replaced; no visible leaks, but I can smell it, so I suspect it (not our first Jeep).
• There is no shimmy, shake, or pull, but I hear something from the front end- I’d guess it’s either a brake pad rubbing gently, or perhaps a u joint. I would expect SOMETHING to be needed with the next inspection.

It’s inspected (PA), and that’s current till the end of November.

There is some evidence of wear & use (stains on the seats, a few small dents/scratches, etc.).

KBB lists this Jeep as $3,600 in “good” and $3,100 in “fair” as listed above in the notes. We’d like to get over $2,200.00 for it, but I’ll entertain any offer (‘cept “tree-fiddy”).
Also, I’d be glad to make it available locally for a test drive or inspection at a local mechanic of your choice, just let me know. We are asking less than what it should be worth, because I don’t know everything about it- and I anticipate that something will need to be replaced at the first inspection (that u joint and/or heater core)- and I felt it was appropriate to price it accordingly.

This Jeep has served us well in the limited capacity we've used it- and rather than keep sitting, I’d like to see it start making someone else some money.

Thanks guys!


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A few more pix- more are available upon request, just let me know what you're looking for.


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