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Exterior Insulation Retrofit Projects in the GTA

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I'm Mark Carver - a researcher with Natural Resrouces Canada.

I’m writing today in hopes you can help me out with a project. We’re working on the concept of prefab “kits” for rapidly renovating existing homes from the exterior to improve their thermal performance while updating the aesthetics.

At this stage, we're developing guidelines for using laser scanning to quickly get high-res as-built dimensions.

I’m hoping to identify two existing homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the next couple of months that may be undergoing cladding retrofits / insulation improvements. Once the cladding is removed, the scanners will capture the buildings and we will generate 3D models of each elevation of the homes (including dimensions and take-offs). There would be no cost to the homeowners and we would be more than happy to share the models and dimensions. I would also love to hear feedback from contractors on what they would like to see in this type of product.

Please let me know if you have any scheduled projects that would be conducive to such a study.

Thanks in advance!


[email protected]

PS - I'm cross-posting this in the General Discussion and Remodelling forums. Please let me know if it's a better fit elsewhere.

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Need more info

Hi Mark,

Not sure I understand the outcome of your research or where it is headed for the contractor to benefit from investing time and money in it. Reverse Engineering is nothing new, it is known to be time consuming with results that usually depend on user input and takes R&D money, sometimes excessive messaging the model. It is already difficult enough to show and provide clients an ROI and warrantee to spend the money in energy saving retrofits without the additional R&D cost that guarantees a pay back within a reasonable period(3-5 years). So perhaps you won’t mind answering some up-front questions so we can get a better understanding of the ROI to the contractor and their client, investing in your project.

1. Is the plan to set up a ground laser tracking system and export that info to an energy loads model? If so, please provide the name of company(s) software and a brief description of the process.

2.What is the purpose of the dimensional model? What benefit will it provide?

3.Will the “kits” be sold to the open market and contractors? If so, what would be in them and will the software provide a written guarantee backed by NRC to be accurate? We would not want a prime contractor to spend a lot of money on a ‘kit’ that inaccurately predicts energy saving’s to a customer, we DO want the kit to take on the liability if the energy saving’s to the contractor and client are not seen.

4. Assume you are insulating with exterior rigid foam as in a REMOTE wall system?
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