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Exterior Insulation Retrofit Projects in the GTA

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I'm Mark Carver - a researcher with Natural Resrouces Canada.

I’m writing today in hopes you can help me out with a project. We’re working on the concept of prefab “kits” for rapidly renovating existing homes from the exterior to improve their thermal performance while updating the aesthetics.

At this stage, we're developing guidelines for using laser scanning to quickly get high-res as-built dimensions.

I’m hoping to identify two existing homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the next couple of months that may be undergoing cladding retrofits / insulation improvements. Once the cladding is removed, the scanners will capture the buildings and we will generate 3D models of each elevation of the homes (including dimensions and take-offs). There would be no cost to the homeowners and we would be more than happy to share the models and dimensions. I would also love to hear feedback from contractors on what they would like to see in this type of product.

Please let me know if you have any scheduled projects that would be conducive to such a study.

Thanks in advance!


[email protected]

PS - I'm cross-posting this in the General Discussion and Remodelling forums. Please let me know if it's a better fit elsewhere.

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