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extending soffit?

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I just closed on my first kitchen and I have some things to figure out.
First off...over the refrigerator I'm going with a 24" deep wall cabinet so it is more accesible to the home owner...there is an existing soffit which needs to be extended out 12" to match up with the deeper should i go about doing this?
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so do i basically rough in the soffit and then cover with sheetrock, then mud it and its done?
Don,t see why you would need to tear out soffit ,just add onto it.Personally i never liked these kitchen soffits,and there not in style now.Why not rip out and use taller upper 36" or 42"s ,gives option of crown molding too. Make sure soffit is not attached to old cabs when you demo . faster easier to just pull and rebuild if its all tied together.
homeowner does not want soffit removed (IMO it looks better without it) so i need to extend it out 12"x24" to match the look with the rest of the cabinets

I always frame the drop 2" bigger than the cabinet so shoe molding can cover the gap where the top front of the cabinet hits the drop.Trust me on this one. You'll find out when you hang the cabinets.
Good plan, but if he does that, and all the rest are flush, might just wind up being the old re-doo, depending on the customer.

Just a thought: how about a small shelf up there for wine glasses or something. You could get a small filler peace from the cab maker, or match the stain yourself.

Or make them one of those wine glass hanging racks.

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