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Experience with Owens Corning Duration shingles???

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Has anyone figured out what the purpose of the clear plastic "sure-nail" nailing strip is? It lines up with the tar strip when the shingles are layed. It seems to me that this strip would interfer with the tar strip. The tar strip bonds nicely with this plastic strip, but what happens if this strips comes loose? I've called OC twice about this and got the same person both times...he just reads a script and knows less than I do about the shingles. Otherwise, they seem like a good shingle...great sealant...bonds in minutes to everthing including felt, shoes, pants, hoses, loose wrappers, ect.
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That strip of plastic helps prevent premature sealing while in the wrappers,
it will melt away after awhile just like all the rest of the shingles that have it.
It's just more noticeable in some shingles than others.
Slate Line has a newer self sealant strip, it's a double strip, and it has the thicker more noticeable plastic on it now as well.
The Durations have two plastic strips. I realize the one on the backside is strickly for shipping purposes, but the other strip is on the front side directly in the nailing area. This is the one that I can't figure out what purpose it serves. Thanks.
Its for there Wind Rating, its there SureNail Tec.
this is from there web site:
Premium shingles with SureNail Technology
are rated for 130-MPH* winds, and Duration
shingles with SureNail Technology are
rated for up to 110-MPH* winds.
I think the Oc Oakridge and Duration are both great shingles. I do a lot of work in Kansas and Oklahoma and for the last few years these shingles have held their ground. From what I understand OC's older generation of shingles were pretty weak on appearence and durability, but after putting these on dozens of roofs I remain immpressed with their dimensions, varying tone and durability. That strip also makes a great selling point when dealing with homeowners.
I did a motel with the Duration last Fall. The home owner bought the shingles from Menards so we had to deal with a fork lift and not a boom truck, problem number one!!!

As far as the shingles laying out they laid out great, nice square ends.

The biggest problem I saw was when we stayed at the hotel this Summer and spotted five different spots on the roofs that did not match the rest. Told the owner to call OC and tell them they haven't faded together yet and never will.

Last Summer was on a 7 year old Oakridge Pro roof with thermal cracks.

I would not recommend either shingle line to my home owners.
OC duration

I appreciate the feedback. Are you sure that the shingles are manufactured the same as they were 7 yrs ago. I heard that they have changed things up recently.
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