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Hi there,

I'm laying down laminate flooring on 2nd floor of my home. I would love to do it without expansion joints put in doorways.

Here is what I have; longest span lengthwise will be 47 feet from the back wall of the home to the front wall, and 25 feet from left side to the right side of the home. Manufacturer specifies that an expansion joint is needed every 33 feet.

Length wise I can see standing all the way back trough the bedroom then hallway and trough another room to the front wall of the home is 47 feet, it will be on continuous line of laminate. Side to side of the home there is no straight line that is 25 feet long.

Manufacturer doesn't say if the expansion supposed to be length wise or side to side. Is it correct to assume that they are talking about it as if you are doing one open area 33 x 33?

What do you professional flooring installers recommend based on your experience? How safe is it to assume that planks are not going to be pulled apart on the long 47ft stretch?

Thanks for any input.

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