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expansion joint

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Hi everyone, i am new to this site, and hope someone can help me. i am doing a tile install in a ford dealership. i am going over a concrete slab, and on top of that is terrazo. there are expansion joints between the columns, and the owner doesn't like the fact that i am breaking my tile to accomodate the expansion joints. i am going over the terazzo which followed the expansion joints in the concrete. ultra flex was brought up by the gc, but i thought that was more of a water proofing, which was sanded. can that be used as a thin set also, and go over the expansion joints and protect my warranty, they will be driving cars on my floor, so i am skeptical.the owner doesn't want cuts for the expansion.
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Do you mean ultra flex thinset? Expansion joints are required in certain installs and those are defined in the TCNA and ANSI specs. The owner may not want expansion joints, but in order to have a lasting install they are required. If the GC and owner won't agree with you on proper installation, then it would be best to pass on this one. Otherwise, the conversation about how they didn't want the joints will be long forgotten and you'll be stuck with the replacement because you are the "tile" professional.
Shawn Prentice, I actually work for someone else, and told my boss, that if the owner strays away from the expansion joints, then he (my boss) needs to void his warranty for those sections of the floor. All want me to continue, but they don't want to listen. So I should look it up on ANSI...I tried to get answers from TSA, but that site was not very helpful. Thanks for yur input.
Here's is a rundown As a tile contractor, your boss should have an updated version of the TCNA and ANSI specs, always. Any tile contractor working without those has no business setting tile.
Shawn Prentice, that was exactly what I was looking for. I am just not quite as computer literate as I should be, so I could have spent hours searching for this info. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your HELP!
So, your boss is ok with tiling over expansion joints??
He should not be in the tile business if he does not know that is a no-no.
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