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We're looking to expand our operations. We currently offer construction and remodeling services for residential and commercial projects. In addition, we also offer plans/permit expediting services as well to other contractors, real estate agents, architects, engineers, etc. Besides our current services, we want to venture into the sales aspect of construction especially since I have prior sales experience.

Is there anyone here who is a distributor of solar panels? If so, how did you go about becoming a distributor?

We're targeting this product because quite obviously it's something many people are starting to invest in more and more. Not to mention that many government owned properties (federal, or local) because of the stimulus package are upgrading their facilities to a more "green" building. We're open to perhaps becoming distributors of other products (preferably "green" products), but would like to get some guidance from those who are already distributors as to how you started your distribution portion of your company.

All info is greatly appreciated.
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