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Exp. roofing Sales needed in Austin TX

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I am looking for experienced roofing sales people that may want to come to Austin texas and sell roofs for a LOCAL contractor that does all repairs to all damage. we have had really bad hail here and the stormers are making it real easy to get jobs.

Areas hit are 40+ sq. with 4-8 other trades so O+P is a given, average ticket is over $25,000.00. Due to the economy and the crap the stormers are stirring up, we are WAIVING deductibles up to 1%, which we have a letter from the Texas A.G. that proves it is legal to do ALL repairs, recover depreciation and then waive the deductible. Before anyone bites my head off,:thumbsup: please look on google for waiving deductible. It is a loophole that has not been closed 19 years.:eek:

call me at 512-712-6225
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