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Exhaust gas location?

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Excuse me that this is a little out of my normal realm of commercial construction. We are stringently required to exhaust our kitchens, gas HWT, and our HVAC systems 10' from an operable door or window in commercial and multi-family units. Does this apply to a SFR? I have become involved as a consultant on various issues of a log home, and the HVAC contractor does not seem to own a code book, or is at least reticent to produce one. I am concerned about the exhaust gas of a furnace and HWT exiting the house directly above a 5-0 x 6-8 door, and the possibility of CO and CO*2 being reintroduced into the living area.
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Code requires it to be atleast 1' above a door or window. Thats all.
Thanks Beenthere,

Certainly much less stringent standards than are applied to commercial work in Seattle
I don't know why they are insisting on what you posted for commercial.
I think you misunderstand. I saw this vent location, and I couldn't get the HVAC guy to show me his book, probably because he doesn't own one. I am very familiar with how commercial codes are interpreted in much of metropolitan Puget Sound, but not this application on a SFR.

Are you saying that the commonly enforced 10' in the Seattle area is out of line in your opinion?

Never the less, this location is much better than the vent location of the original HVAC contractor, who dumped all the combustion gasses out inside the mud room
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503.8 Section 2, A mechanical draft venting system excluding direct vent appliances, shall terminate at least 4' below, 4 ' horizontal from, or 1' above any door, operable window, or gravity air inlet onto the building(This actually applies to both commercial or residential).

503.8 Section 3, gives clearance based on BTU input. For direct vent appliances.
10,000 BTU or less, 6"
Over 10,000 BTU but less then 50,000 BTU, 9"
Over 50,000BTU input, needs a 12"
Both the bottom of the intake and vent shall have at least 12" clearance above grade.

Sorry, I didn't type it word for word, Its longer then section 3.
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Wow, we are always fighting the 10' rule on commercial buildings. Here they commonly apply it to building air exhaust, furnace and HWT combustion gas, and commercial kitchen exhaust.
Later, I'll go through the IMC. And see what sections they are abusing.

They may still be going by pre 2003 codes, that did have a 10' clearance for almost everything.
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