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Excel =SUM question.

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OK, here's the short story. I run an Excel spreadsheet to do my quarterlies. I have a copy of this on my Galaxy S4 and use Kingsoft Office to open it and modify it. All has been well up until today or recently because I'm not sure when the issue started.

In my phone my SUM functions weren't recalculating. I would enter a number in the field and the SUM would remain the same.

They were working in my laptop using Excel 2003.

One of the SUM functions is written as =SUM(B5:B102), so it adds up the numbers in the column B, cell 5-102.

After fooling around with it for a while and trying different things I came up with a workaround.


OK, I have no idea what this change is/does. I only know that it solved my problem.

Anyone know what this version of the SUM function I am using does?
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Sorry, it is a colon. My mistake.

Edited original post to correct
An issue may be that your program is not automatically recalculating. This function can be turned on and off.
So if auto recalc is off, then the sum function will not execute.
Hope this helps.
That was a good point. But I don't think my phone app has that function. It has a recacl button but no options other than that.

It seems to be this spreadsheet file only as I have a couple of others that use a very similar format and setup as this one and they work.

If I transferred it from my phone to my laptop which is running Excel 2003 it functions fine. If I transfer it back to my phone it stops recalculating.

So now that I have this absolute function in my formula's (I've changed the whole spreadsheet to use them), is there going to be problems with my formulas?
And another item. I had made a blank of this spreadsheet because I use it to do my quarterlies. And when the next year comes I just change the date and start over.

When I transferred that file to my phone it didn't work either. Changing it to the absolute SUM makes it function properly again.
Only if you insert columns or lines...
I guess that's gonna be a problem then, because I do insert on occasion.
There seems to be several flavors of this function. Can you tell me what each of them does?

=SUM(B5:B102) This is standard formula
=SUM($B5:$B102) This is the absolute cell formula
=SUM(B$5:B$102) ??
=SUM($B$5:$B$102) ??
Since I'm using the lock column version of it. If I have column B-K used and I make/insert another column "L" then I have nothing to worry about, correct?

And this gives me the option to insert new rows if I want to and it won't screw anything up, correct?

My rows are Date them a dollar figure in the appropriate column. On occasion I miss an entry and then insert the missed date in the correct position and then make the entry. This will still function properly?
I'm operating my file from two different programs. And although the Kingsoft Office is pretty complete the laptop version has more options.

Never knew I could turn recalc on and off.

I really don't understand why the phone app has the recalc button when there is no option to turn it off. I assume it's because you might import a file from a computer that has the recalc turned off and if you go to the phone app you wouldn't be able to use the program.

And I did try to use the recalc button before I swapped my SUM formulas to absolute, it didn't work.
I don't do "The Cloud"
How are you transferring files between your phone and PC? A cable?
I do it throught wifi. I have ES Explorer which allows me to set my phone up as an FTP and I have a FTP Program (WiseFTP 6.1) that I use mostly for updating my website, but I use it to transfer files to and from my phone.

Push a couple buttons and then I have direct access to both phone and computer.
What year is it there? :)
It's the year of the NSA and the hacker. I don't plan on putting my companies financial information in the cloud.
Why would I want to send financial information over an open networks with email. And if you are talking about contracts and such I don't consider that financial information.
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