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I received a telemarketing call from a boiler room this morning... Here's the gist of the call:

HIM: "Hello, this is Justin with..." pause (wait I don't want to say who I'm with yet)... "I was wondering if you're able to take on new projects."

ME: "I'm sorry, who are you with?"

HIM: pause... "I'm with"

ME: "I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in lead services--please take me off your list."


I don't appreciate being hung up on... and it motivated me to do a little research about who they are. So the folks at can thank Justin for this thread.

Here are some links for anyone who might be curious about their service:

Have a nice day. :thumbsup:
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It's sad to think that there's people about who like to take advantage of people in this way. They know full well that a lot on contractors have no work and they give them these promises of massive amounts of work and nothing ever comes of it other than paying out your own pocket. These companys should be shut down as i am seeing more and more of them popping up lately.
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They got me to sign up for a year contract. The worst investment I every made. The biggest
bulls--ters out there.
They are parasites or vampires sucking live blood from contractors alike. :whistling
I have received those "Are you taking on new projects?" calls.They try to sound like a potential HO at first.
I have received those "Are you taking on new projects?" calls.They try to sound like a potential HO at first.
I get them just about every week, too. They have no idea how much damage they're doing to their already questionable reputation by continuing to promote themselves this way. :rolleyes:
Just got a call from them...

Nice gent, apparently they have a few extra jobs in my area as well... I think we've chatted with them before.

However, I checked here, saw the plethora of negative experiences, and explained that based on my fellow contractor's past experiences, I would not be interested.

He said thank you & we parted ways.

I've been scarred by enough lead companies... why add 1 more to the list?
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Here is their BBB report, can't believe it's a C with 199 complaints in the last 36 months, that's more than one a week.
do not give a dime to

hi..i only have myself to blame,but if i can help one of you its worth it..ive been a lic commercial-residential g/c in phx since builds,and remodeling/t/i,s....this lead generating firm called me 6 times a yr,the past 4 yrs to get me to sign up..i was always busy and told em i wasnt interested and politely hung up..never giving em time to pitch me..last thanksgiving we were slowing like every yr the 20 yrs ive been doing this...they call again..this time i listen..he says hes the owner,mr smith i think he said..said he had researched my company,and knew i had been in biz for 10 yrs,no complaints on either lic...said bbb had refered me to him...said he had 3 jobs for me to bid right away,and would guarantee me 12 more leads next 12 mo..for me only reduced fee from 1200 bucks to 400 bucks to get qualified guys like me scam radar is already on high alert...but i fig what the hell,ive got 6 guys who need more work thru holidays...and if they had been calling me for 4 yrs,still in biz,must be ok? skiddishly giving him my credit card..figuring 1 job would break even..after i get back to office i google them and see all this complaint info...felt like cancelling card am-ex dispute,not pay etc..but fig give guy a chance..then next few months they pressure me to give em 6-7 grand to take me to preffered status..i tell em i didnt get to be millionaire with only a h s diploma by being really stupid....admitted im dumb,but not that dumb.told em i came in at 400 bucks and if they produced i would think about next move..never intending to give em a dime more,just didnt want to piss em off to not get the 1 job to get 400 6 leads 9 months only to get voice mail and no return calls from leads...dont give these scumbags a dime,hope they die a slow painful i said,i could have disputed the credit card fee,same day i saw the google complaints...only have myself to blame...please excuse my bad typing,seceratary types for me..i tried to do paragraphs but it wiped out what was previously typed?
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