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Some Questions to ask:
1) Do you want it on line - networked?
2) Do you want a web interface ?
3) How many people in your Org might work on an estimate?
4) Who will create your costs / labor, etc ?
5) Who will maintain your cost books?

Here are some systems I have reviewed:

Try these out: Pretty cost effective:

Bid4Build :
Bid 4 Build Software Estimating
Extensive software package.

Expert Estimating DB based, has 23,000 code items $ 39 / month then you own
Down load - No specs

Home Tech Great Access DB software, good screens, Adds specs into the line items
Price: $ 895
Good interface
Uses the cost book ideas, can copy and paste old estimate into a new estimate.
Good Videos,

Build Star
On Line estimating, task mgt, scheduling - $ monthly = 30 / mo
Nice interface
All on line web interface

Elms Software: combines both labor and materials to a categorized task list.
the task list is extensive. Does not offer an on line version - multiple copies for only $ 299 Rated: A

UDI system - good interface Starts at $ 400 / single version

****This one might appeal to you. Real nice interface.

Contractor's Software Group ( Jeff Knutson ) Has video on line.

These might get you started. I have tried them all.

We want to interface the Specs with the Bid and no program out there even knows what is specified on a job.

Hope this helps,


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Cost Estimating Software

Try out e-stm8 Construction Cost Estimating Software
It has a Windows-Like interface. Easy to use. On-line video tutorial. Import and Export data to Microsoft Excel. Build your Offer letter automatically for you. 15-days free trial and Only $40 to buy.

Diamond Cut Construction
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Hey Modterry, Thanks for the reviews of software. I'm going to give UDI a try. They have the 30 day trial. As you mentioned, the interfaces are attractive. I will report my finding to all. Thanks again.
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