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estimating checklist

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Does anyone have a good checklist they use for doing renovation/build projects? I want something I can go through for each estimate I do so I dont miss anything for material or labor!

I always miss the fastners, and it costs big bucks after a few jobs!
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not sure if you can get your hands on it, but the book
"Handbook of Construction Contracting" by Jack P. Jones has a ton of estimate checklist examples, also a great book.

I'm sure someone on here has scanned some of the samples, if not, what I do is sit down before an estimate and write out all the different material categories I already know I"ll need


Say your doing a kitchen:

-Electrical Trim
-Existing Plumbing Type
MISC (Fasteners, supply lines, etc)

not a full list but you get the idea. I plan on sitting down one of these days and making different templates for each type of job and making a bunch of copies to keep ready.

It's all about how you estimate. I'll go through the project with the homeowner and jot down notes on various aspects, while I continue looking at them to let them know i'm listening.

Immediately after leaving the job I'll either pull over and write down as many details as possible before I forget them, or do it as soon as I get home.

The details are what makes/breaks an estimate for me, like you said :fasteners. On a small job, it'll cost you a few bucks. On a big job, could mean a lot of your profit.

Overall, I'd say look over previous jobs and find the general common items, and add them to your list of categories, that way you can just add a number of that item and you can expand on it later.
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If you are an NKBA member, they have a pretty good forms there to start you out. They cover all the trades.
I have one

do you want a good excel estimating sheet with divisions?
do you want a good excel estimating sheet with divisions?


[email protected]

its a big file so PM me,, either .xls or .xlsx office 2007 format
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