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Estimate Ethics

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Afternoon Friends

I am new to this group and so I am really looking forward to both helping others and myself.
I like to consider myself somewhat experiance in the Renovation business but wanted to ask for some advice.
I have been working with a client now for about 1 year, I have worked on 3 of his investment properties and each time i am learning that he is getting more and more difficult to work with.
He is extremly satisfyed with our services and does always come back to us for work, however each time I am learning that he trys to have my team of guys to do work for him on the side to save slighty on cost. My crew have been with me for a while and i always treat them well and vice verse, so they report to me about what is going on.
I am getting ready to hopefully start work on his new investment home but he is wanting a detailed break down of my costs for both labor and materials for each and every line item. I am typically not against this, but based on this clients ethics i am really opposed to the idea. I am confident that he will take my breakdown qoute and go to other "Home Depot" cheap hourly workers.
Any advice would be really helpfull on this matter.
Inaddition my qoute is by no means excessive or outragious.

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I, too, vote for no breakdown. The only time we give a breakdown is for the Energy Tax Credit.
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