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Cool, a five year old "How much" thread. I figure we could all have a ball with this one. No one gets hurt as the guy probably isn't here anymore any way.

In this case linear feet is calculated by your shoe size directly. If you have small feet that means you have more linear feet then the guy with bigger feet therefore you make more money than those more well endowed in the pedal department.

Luck you of the small feet.

So if you wear a size 7 shoe for each lineal foot you charge $3.50 and have lets say 65 linear size 7 feet.

Myself I wear a mildly hefty 10.5 so my linear foot is only calculated at 50 size 10.5 @ $3.50.

I make less than you do.

I hope this helps.


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Linear feet (often called Lineal feet) is the same as regular feet. No conversion is necessary. If something is 6 linear feet tall, it is 6 feet tall.
Conversion from linear to lineal: (L x 1) + 0 = conversion


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