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i dont do follow ups anymore

cant say that i ever got 1 extra job because i followed always seems to annoy may have some value for you just to see where your prices are compared to far as it winning you extra jobs? from my experience it will do nothing

if they want to hire you they will.....if they dont they wont.....calling them asking them if they made their decision yet wont help either makes you look desperate and the one thing ive found is the less desperate you are the more work comes your way...attitude gets you jobs.....begging me follow ups are begging
I have gotten several jobs just because I followed up and asked for the sale. I have also hired contractors for doing the same. Just call em up and ask if they have any feed back.

Another trick is to always be busy, when you submit the proposal tell them they need to act quickly because you have otjer bids out and its first come first serve. That way youre not begging for work, theyre lucky to get you.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts