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Epoxy floors

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Not sure if this belongs here or in painting but here goes.

Stopped by a potential customers home to look at a deck and while there he asked me about garage floor coverings.

I suggested an epoxy coating (I have never done one) as I haven't heard anything bad about them. He responded that he has heard that there is this thing called "hot tire" which causes the epoxy to detach from the concrete where the warm tires sit after a trip.

I replied that I had never heard of this and my feeling was that the substrate wasn't prepped properly, but would look into it. So anyone heard of this?
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Read this thread-----

Also, google, EPOXY FLOOR COATING HOT TIRE, some good info, GMOD
Thanks Gene, good info there.

The consensus seems to be that it's all in the substrate prep.

So my next question would be what is the best epoxy system out there?

I DO NOT want to resort to shopping at the Big Orange Slut or Blowes for this stuff although that is the only place I have come across it (not that I was looking for it though :shifty:)

If this is something I would be doing for this HO, I want to offer them a high quality product.
The big boxes will generally only carry a water based epoxy kit. Pretty much junk IMO. Go to any good paint store that has access to a good industrial line and they'll be able to get what you need. Devoe has a very extensive industrial selection. We've looked at Carboline quite a bit in the past. There are plenty of other companies that specialize in these coatings as well. A 100% Solids coating is going to be the best, but also the hardest to work with. It's similar to what a spray in bed liner looks like.
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I would say you're correct by putting it in here.

I get asked this question quite often as my company installs heavy duty epoxy systems. The box stores sell a very simplified version of these coatings that pretty much pale in comparison. (all a rehash of what gideond stated). I do not know what the specific directions are with these "systems" but I assume there is little talk of concrete preparation - which in my opinion is the most important step. A primer may also help to ensure an adequate bond that won't be susceptible to hot tires. is a great resource and a has a great deal of products. Coatings only is your simplest floor but there is much more that they offer.
KO do you work for Stonhard? What epoxies do you install?
I'm about to use a polyaspartic to refinish two sets of countertops that i previously used a penetrating seal on. I know its made for garage floors but good for countertops. Its a two part like epoxy... but poly based. Still have to do more research on it. Found this thread if you haven't already.

After reading the installation specs i'm a little nervous. Like epoxy I can't imagine doing a whole garage floor with such short pot life...
KO do you work for Stonhard? What epoxies do you install?
Yes, I manage large-scale installs. I have installed most systems but typically the General Service (GS) line of products. I'm familiar with all of the product lines as well as the wall systems.
I run into you guys here on occasions. Do you handle the West Coast? And how do you get your prices so low?
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