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Eon Decking Availability

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I have read several threads concerning EON decking and the problems thereof. Though I'm in agreement, I have completed three EON decks in Georgia that still look good, but a few boards have cracked. I need to find a few boards to do short term repairs plus the homeowners would like to find some replacement boards (Cedar color) for future repairs. Does anyone know where I may be able to find some decking material and railings? Thank you!
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I'm sure this isn't gonna help, but a guy near me still has a whole bunch of decking in his warehouse probly too long of a drive:laughing:

Austin Wholesale Decking may have some. I know they bought like 5 trucks of that crap the day before Eon went bankrupt.
Thanks for the quick responses!!!!! I'm having some eon decking delivered from Texas next week. Can't wait to start working with it again :mad: but happy homeowners is the important thing!!
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